Outreach Program Counsellor Request for Tender

The Request For Tender (RFT) for Open Arms Outreach Program Counsellors (OPCs) is now closed. Late tenders cannot be accepted.

Thank you to all providers that submitted a tender in response to the RFT. The evaluation of tenders will commence shortly, and we anticipate that tender evaluation outcomes will be finalised by March/April 2024.

For existing Open Arms clients, continuity of care is our number one priority. There is no immediate change to services delivered by OPCs, and Open Arms wants to assure clients that they will not be without support during any transition to a new OPC provider.

Current OPCs that did not participate in the RFT can continue to deliver services to 30 June 2024, but it is recommended that client handover procedures commence now. Queries about handover procedures should be directed to the Open Arms office in your region.

For veterans and their immediate families, military aware support is available 24/7 on ️ 1800 011 046.