Stepping Out: Attention Reset trial (SOAR)

Open Arms has commenced a trial of an innovative attention control training program – the Stepping Out Attention Reset (SOAR trial). The trial includes ADF personnel due to transition to civilian life.


About the trial

SOAR uses computer-based attention control training. It's designed to re-calibrate an individual’s attention and threat detection system.

Open Arms is working with Phoenix Australia and Tel Aviv University to conduct a randomised control trial to evaluate the efficacy of attention control training to prevent and reduce existing anxiety, and traumatic stress symptoms in this high-risk cohort.

SOAR is based on more than a decade of research conducted by Tel Aviv University with the Israeli Defence Forces showing that the mental health of military personnel can be significantly enhanced by attention training.

If proven effective, the training program will offer a simple, affordable, accessible and preventative intervention for transitioning personnel.

Become involved

If you are a current full-time ADF member who is transitioning from service in the next 12 months, you can participate. Talk to your transition coach or contact the trial team directly.

Phone 1800 945 089 or email

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    Open Arms has temporarily suspended the Stepping Out Attention Reset (SOAR) trial due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We expect to start recruitment again in September 2020 and will extend the trial by six months.
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