OP Life app

For current users of Open Arms apps The Right Mix, PTSD Coach, High Res, and Operation Life, please be aware that updates to your device’s operating system may affect app functionality. 

If you are not currently using these apps, they are no longer available for download from the Apple or Google Play stores. However, tools from the apps have been migrated to the Self-help section of the Open Arms website.

Where apps are compatible with mobile operating systems, app data will remain on an existing user’s device.

If you are interested in using digital resources to support your mental health journey, we recommend speaking to a mental health professional about the most appropriate resource for your needs.

About OP Life app

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The Operation Life mobile application is designed to help those at risk deal with suicidal thoughts and is recommended to be used with the support of a clinician. 

Regain control, stay calm and take action

The app provides on-the-go access to emergency and professional support and self-help tools to help users regain control, keep calm and take action to stay safe. The app also contains web links to relevant online resources, including information on suicide awareness, prevention training and counselling.

The app complements the Suicide prevention section of this website which will help you understand the warning signs of suicide and provide information and resources to help keep you and others safe from suicide. Help is also available for those bereaved by suicide.

Your clinician should refer to the below supporting Clinicians Guide (iOS version and Android version) which provides an overview and a step-by-step guide to using the app.

Note: some features of this app may not be accessible on earlier model iOS and Android phones.