Problem solving

A problem-solving approach can be helpful in addressing many issues.

The Problem Solving tool can help you to work through the issue step-by-step and find solutions.

It's best to practice these skills so that when you feel your stress rising, you can use them to remain calm.

Taking a structured approach to analyse the problem and think of different solutions sets you up to put the best solution into action. This can make you feel less stressed and more in control.

This tool can help with a variety of problems including:

  • work stress
  • living conditions
  • finances
  • relationships.

The problem-solving tool works best for problems that you can directly influence. 

See also

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    Developing an attitude of calm and learning to adopt a calm attitude to life is helpful in a crisis.
  • Relaxation techniques

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    High Res app

    This app can assist serving and ex-serving ADF personnel, their families and others to manage stress and build resilience. It contains easy to use tools to test and adjust your thoughts and responses.