Healthy relationships enhance everyone’s wellbeing in the family unit. That’s why Open Arms counselling is available to families of current and ex-serving ADF personnel. We can also provide support for children of ADF personnel of all ages (including adult children).

Our counselling services can help you build strong and healthy relationships at all stages of family life, including:

  • The absence of a parent during deployment, and adjusting when they return home
  • Helping children with concerns around changes and stressors like making friends at a new school
  • Understanding, identifying and working through trauma
  • Transitioning from ADF to civilian life
  • Working through relationship breakdowns and challenges
  • Building a blended family
  • Support for the family if a serving member has died.

All Open Arms counsellors are aware of military culture, the unique demands of military service and its impact on military families. Some counsellors have had military experience themselves.

Call Open Arms on 1800 011 046 to learn how we can help you build a happy, healthy and resilient family.


Open Arms supports children of veterans of all ages.

  • Children under 5: we do not actively involve children under 5 in counselling, however we will work with parents to develop parenting strategies.
  • Children 5-15: we can work actively with the child as part of family counselling.
  • Adolescent children 15-17: we can support adolescent children as an individual (depending on maturity and parental consent) or within family counselling.
  • Adult Children 18+: As an adult child of someone who served, Open Arms can help you with the impact of growing up in a military lifestyle, or having parents that are veterans. 

Regardless of your situation, we aim to support children to thrive with the opportunities and challenges of a military lifestyle.

Open Arms counselling can help your family deal with issues related to military service, including the loss of a family member. Call Open Arms on 1800 011 046 to find out how we can support you to build a stronger family.

Parents and Siblings

The death of a family member

Where there has been a death of a service person, access to counselling and support through Open Arms is extended to the wider family, including the service persons' parents and siblings.

Further resources

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