Take Your Dog To Work Day

The 23rd annual Take Your Dog To Work Day takes place on 25 June, offering a fun opportunity to celebrate dogs and encourage pet adoptions.

We asked some of our peer workers to let us know which pet they would choose to bring to work with them and why.

  • Angel

    Trudi and Angel, Staffy

    I would bring my old dog to work as she was such a beautiful dog. Angel had a very special ability of knowing if I was ever upset and would walk over and just sit with me. She helped everyone to live in the present moment, never complained and loved life.

  • JJ

    Andrew’s Shepherd x, Jay Jay

    She would be a great to have at work and would happily sit at your feet all day. Jay Jay just loves attention and likes long walks, fluffy cushions and exploring. She always greets you with an abundance of energy and will accept pats for hours!

  • Pigs

    Terri’s Miniature Pigs

    I would bring both Boston and Louie as they do not like to be separated. They are the funniest, lovable, smartest and mischievous pets. These guys are my happy place, my companions and my go to for grounding and stress relief.

  • Kaiser

    Chris’ Mini Schnauzer, Kaiser

    Who wouldn’t want their best mate to come to work with them? Kaiser would act as a good foot and leg warmer during the chilly Canberra winters and remind me to take breaks from my desk for walks around the block.

Studies have shown that pets can offer many benefits including:

  • company for when you’re feeling lonely or isolated
  • sense of purpose because they rely on you
  • joy and simplicity
  • reduction in stress and lower blood pressure
  • exercise
  • routine
  • conversation starter for building relationships

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The RSPCA reports around 40% of Australian households own a dog and 27% include a cat as part of the family.

For Defence families, most DHA Service Residences allow pets and Toll Transitions process the reimbursement of costs associated with the relocation of pets.

When clinically required, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs also has a program that will pay for the supply of a fully trained and registered psychiatric assistance dog.

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