One-size doesn't fit all, so Open Arms has a range of resources to help get you through, including mobile apps, case studies, and other resources to download or view online.

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    Audio series - 'Open Conversations'

    Our new audio series presents stories of recovery from the veteran community, featuring people that have accessed support services to improve their lives, and the lives of those around them.
  • Referral options

    Health professionals refer clients to Open Arms and other organisations for specific services. Services include treatment for mental health issues, drug and alcohol misuse, sleep problems, gambling and relationships.
  • Apps and online resources

    There are many resources online that can help you. Open Arms administers a range of digital tools to assist in maintaining mental and physical health of veterans and their families.
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    Self-help tools

    These tools provide practical information and exercises for those affected by mental health or trauma to help improve wellbeing.
  • Publications

    These publications provide practical information for those affected by mental health or trauma, including resources to support the wellbeing of the family member.
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    Professional development military awareness

    Improve your understanding of the veteran experience and common mental health issues. Access professional development opportunities via webinars, courses and programs.