Crisis accommodation

Open Arms Crisis Accommodation Support (CAS) aims to provide crisis accommodation to eligible Open Arms clients who require access to alternative, short-term accommodation in addition to mental health support.

How does the program work?

The client requesting CAS will need to be engaged with Care Coordination through Open Arms.  Care Coordination aims to work with the client to address issues that contributed to the crisis.  Where required and appropriate, the client will be referred to external services for specific supports such as linkage to the housing and homelessness sector.

Access may be up to 3 nights, depending on individual circumstances.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for assistance under this program, the person must be an eligible Open Arms client in a crisis situation, and

  • All alternative options have been exhausted and the person has no other means to fund the crisis accommodation;
  • Be engaged in Open Arms Care Coordination;
  • Is able to self-manage in the accommodation safely; and
  • Agrees to engage with Open Arms follow up support, including Care Coordination.

Get help

Call Open Arms on 1800 011 046 and you will be assessed for eligibility and suitability for Crisis Accommodation Support.

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