Open Arms provides mental health and wellbeing support to anyone who has served at least one day of continuous fulltime service in the ADF and their immediate families. We offer a range of services to:

  • Current serving uniforms hanging up

    Current serving

    Open Arms can help current Australian Defence Force personnel build resilience, and enhance their mental health and wellbeing.
  • man hanging up army uniform

    Transitioning from the ADF

    Transitioning to civilian life can present unique challenges for even the most accomplished veteran - counselling and group programs can help.
  • ex-serving man drinking coffee with partner


    Open Arms can help all veterans work through mental health and wellbeing issues after they've left the service.
  • partner drinking coffee


    Open Arms supports partners and some ex-partners of anyone who has served at least one day of continuous fulltime service with the Australian Defence Force.
  • family having picnic


    Open Arms counselling is available to family members of current and ex-serving ADF personnel. Where there has been a death of a service person through suicide, parents and siblings can receive bereavement support.
  • NAVY children


    Being the child of a veteran can lead to a unique childhood. Young people respond to the same things we do – they see, hear and sense things – but may not be able to understand or talk about their emotions and needs in the same way we can.
  • concerned dad

    Parents of veterans

    No matter how old your kids are, you never stop caring. This page provides resources for parents of those in the serving and ex-serving community, and steps you can take to support your son or daughter.
  • two siblings messing around


    The sibling bond is often strong. This page provides resources for siblings of serving and ex-serving ADF members, and some steps you can take to support your brother or sister.
  • Carers


    Carers have a key role in supporting the mental health and wellbeing of family members, partners or friends. Carers have their own unique needs and may also require help or support.
  • Employers


    A growing number of Australian organisations understand that employing veterans and service families makes good business sense. Open Arms has a range of employee services that can complement your existing people services.