Open Arms - Veterans & Families Counselling  community webinars draw on the lived experience of members of the veteran and ex-service community, coupled with the expertise of clinical professionals, covering various mental health topics to assist with the identification, treatment and recovery from military trauma.

  • Exercise and wellbeing – a healthy mind and body

    Exercise and physical activity are essential for our health. While most of us know that physical activity is important for the health of our muscles and bones, exercise provides many benefits for our mental health too.

  • Peer support - the value of mates

    When experiencing an emotionally difficult time, most people will seek support from a friend or loved one prior to seeking help from a mental health professional or counsellor. 

  • Transitioning from the military - a stepped approach

    Transitioning from the military can be a challenge. This webinar discusses the latest research on what helps people transition, as well as practical tips to help individuals and the people supporting them to get through the process successfully.

  • Healthy ageing – wellness for veterans

    Using the tools learned from counselling, as well as real life experience across a range of lifestyle subjects, our latest community webinar takes a deeper look into what ongoing wellness looks like for a veteran as they age. 

  • Suicide prevention - recognise and act

    Current and former serving members of the Australian Defence Forces are some of the most resilient people in the country, but just like the rest of the population, issues can escalate and individuals may become at risk of suicide.