There are signs and symptoms to be aware of that could be an early indication of an emerging mental health issue. This may include feeling down or anxious, persistent worry, or issues in everyday life such as poor sleep or pain.

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    Moral Injury

    Moral injury refers to the psychological, social and spiritual impact of events involving betrayal or transgression of one’s own deeply held moral beliefs and values occurring in high stakes situations.
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    The most common reason for seeking Open Arms counselling is stress. High levels of stress and anxiety are a common problem in modern society.
  • Relationship issues

    If you want to gain or maintain quality relationships, Open Arms can help you.
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    Anxiety and fear

    If anxiety is interfering with your capacity to function normally (or even leave the house), it's time to get help.
  • Depression and loneliness

    When feelings of sadness are too intense or stick around for a long time, it can be hard to work, socialise or take care of things at home.
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    There are no right or wrong ways to grieve, but we can help you better manage your grief to find some resolution and acceptance.
  • Trauma and PTSD

    Being emotionally affected by a traumatic event usually settles within a week or two. If it keeps going and causes distress, you might have a problem with posttraumatic stress.
  • Pain

    Chronic pain wears you down and can leave you feeling angry or depressed. Physical and mental health and wellbeing are all closely related.
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    Anger and violence

    Anger becomes a concern if it is expressed in ways that are harmful to ourselves or someone else, or if it persists for a long time. Violence can be deadly.
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    Alcohol and substance use

    If your alcohol or drug use is becoming a problem for you or those around you, there are strategies and tools you can use to get it under control.
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    Gambling and taking risks

    If your behaviour or habits are becoming a concern because of the impact they are having on your life, it's time to seek help.
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    Self-harm and suicide

    If you think about self-harm or suicide, you should seek professional support. If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, call 000.
  • Other mental health disorders

    There are a range of other mental health conditions where support and counselling can help you.