Healthy relationships enhance everyone’s wellbeing in the family unit. That’s why Open Arms counselling is available to partners and families of current and ex-serving ADF personnel, including children and adult children (e.g. the son or daughter of a Vietnam veteran).

Veterans' families

Our counselling services can help you build strong and healthy relationships at all stages of family life, including:

  • the absence of a parent during deployment, and adjusting when they return home
  • helping children with concerns around changes and stressors like making friends at a new school
  • understanding, identifying and working through trauma
  • transitioning from the Australian Defence Force to civilian life
  • working through relationship breakdowns and challenges
  • building a blended family
  • supporting the family of a serving member who has died

All Open Arms counsellors understand military culture, the unique demands of military service and its impact on military families. Some counsellors have had military experience themselves.

Call Open Arms on 1800 011 046 to learn how we can help you build a happy, healthy and resilient family.

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