Open Arms counselling

Open Arms counsellors and staff have an understanding of veteran and military culture that assists them to deliver specialised support and care to members of this community.

What can Open Arms counsellors help you with?

Open Arms counselling take a tailored approach to work with you enhance your mental health and wellbeing. Common concerns include: 

  • relationship and family issues
  • transitioning to civilian life
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • anger
  • sleep difficulties
  • PTSD
  • alcohol or substance misuse.

Together, we can find effective solutions to improve your mental health and wellbeing.

When to seek Open Arms counselling

If you, or someone you know is feeling or behaving differently for an extended period of time and experiencing the warning signs below, it’s time to talk.

  • feeling stressed out, on edge or flat
  • withdrawing from social events
  • losing interest in intimacy
  • a general sense of nervousness
  • feelings of panic or being overwhelmed
  • frequent distressing thoughts or memories
  • feeling irritable, angry or aggressive (including road rage)
  • changes to sleep patterns
  • difficulties falling or staying asleep
  • regular nightmares
  • increased conflict in relationships, including with children
  • difficulties concentrating or managing everyday tasks
  • increased or excessive use of alcohol (including binge drinking)
  • abuse of prescription or illegal drugs
  • avoiding social activities and friends
  • loss of interest in activities that were important or enjoyable before, including intimacy
  • physical symptoms including headaches unrelated to an existing injury or illness, or unexplained aches and tension
  • difficulty coping or planning ahead, or continuing day-to-day activities
  • reduced self-confidence
  • feeling unsafe for no apparent reason
  • thoughts of hopelessness or suicide

Call us

To learn more about Open Arms and how we can help you, call 1800 011 046.

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    Signs & symptoms

    There are signs and symptoms to be aware of that could be an early indication of an emerging mental health issue. This may include feeling down or anxious, persistent worry, or issues in everyday life such as poor sleep or pain.
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    Contact us / feedback

    If you are looking for counselling or support services, call us any time on 1800-011-046.
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    What to expect

    Open Arms specialises in giving you access to free face-to-face counselling as soon as possible. We are committed to your privacy and confidentiality and will not share information with DVA without your consent.