Work for Open Arms

Since our creation in 1982, our purpose has been to provide world-class counselling and support to those men and women who serve in defence of our nation.

By employing qualified counsellors, Open Arms has been able to provide innovative services to veterans and their families for almost 40 years.

Our working environment is professional, well supported clinically and administratively, and dedicated to providing collaborative and optimal health outcomes.

To learn more about working with Open Arms, you can read our Prospectus.

As an Open Arms counsellor, you will work in challenging clinical situations, helping Australia's veterans and their families work through:

  • Deployment, discharge and transition-related issues
  • Difficulties with relationships
  • Anger control issues
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Substance and alcohol misuse
  • Past trauma and PTSD.

Your work will make a real difference.

People interested in working with us have three pathways to choose from - via the Australian Public Service, as a contractor or as an Outreach Provider.

Would you like to be an Open Arms Outreach Program Counsellor (OPC)?

Before applying to become a provider, it is essential that you read the Open Arms OPC Provider Notes:

PDF icon Open Arms OPC Provider Notes (PDF 279KB)

File Open Arms OPC Provider Notes (DOC 199KB)

A summary of the Provider Notes is also available:

File Open Arms OPC Provider Notes Summary (DOC 73KB)

These notes contain detailed information on the provision of Open Arms Outreach Program counselling services. Prospective providers must agree to the conditions set out in the Provider Notes prior to providing Open Arms outreach counselling services.

How do you become an Open Arms Outreach Program Counsellor?

If you agree to the conditions in the Provider Notes, the next step is to download and complete the OPC Statutory Registration form and return a signed copy to Open Arms.

Please be aware that registration does not guarantee that you will receive client referrals from Open Arms.  Once your registration is accepted, you will be contacted by your local Open Arms Centre in relation to providing services to Open Arms clients if there is a need for services in your area.

Open Arms takes care to ensure providers are matched to clients depending on the needs of the client, location and expertise of the provider.

Schedule of fees

Payment for services is based on the current Open Arms OPC Fee Schedule.

Open Arms fee schedule - July 2019

This Fee Schedule is indexed in accordance with the indexation rate applied to the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) of fees.

Are you a veteran with clinical experience?

Our mission is to excel in delivering leading mental health and wellbeing services.

Our vision is to provide veterans and their families with the highest level of support.

If you are a veteran, you know how important these services are and how difficult military life can be, both on the serving members and their families. If you’re a veteran with psychology experience, we want to hear from you.

Contact Open Arms on 1800 011 046.