Apps and online resources

There are many resources online that can offer insights and help your health and wellbeing.

Mobile apps

A range of apps and websites are available to assist in maintaining mental and physical health of veterans and their families.

  • Operation life logo

    OP Life app

    The Operation Life mobile application is designed to help those at risk deal with suicidal thoughts and is recommended to be used with the support of a clinician.
  • PTSD coach logo

    PTSD Coach Australia app

    The PTSD Coach Australia app can help you learn about and manage symptoms that commonly occur after trauma.
  • Hi res logo

    High Res app

    Our instinctive response to a stressful situation may not always be the best one. The High res app will help guide you through.
  • On track logo

    The Right Mix app

    The ON TRACK with The Right Mix app has been designed for serving and ex-serving ADF personnel and veterans.

Mental health

  • Head to Health provides access to information about mental health care services, as well as links to online self-help programs.
  • myCompass is an interactive self-help service that promotes resilience and wellbeing for all Australians. myCompass is a guide to good mental health – it points you in the right direction. You can track your moods, write about them and view information and tips. You can also choose to do one of the modules designed to help you manage mild to moderate stress, anxiety and depression.

Veteran research and studies

Recommended readings: