NAC membership


  • Dr Brad Murphy

    General Practitioner

  • Mr Ben Farinazzo

  • Mr Max Ball

  • Ms Lidia Hall

  • Ms Megan Fry

  • Ms Jane Pool

  • Mr David Farrell

  • Dr Richard Magtengaard

Ex-officio members

  • BRIG Caitlin Langford

    Defence People Group, Director General Mental Health and Wellbeing

  • Ms Libby Cremen

    Director General, Defence Members and Families Support

  • Dr Ruth Vine

    Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Health

  • Prof Jenny Firman

    Chief Health Officer, DVA

  • Ms Gwen Cherne

    Veteran Family Advocate

  • Ms Leonie Nowland

    First Assistant Secretary, Open Arms

  • Dr Jon Lane


Past members

View the Past members of the Open Arms National Advisory Committee.