Problem solving in stressful times

In difficult times, it can be hard not to feel overwhelmed. Our High Res app and self-help tools provide a range of free tools you can use to help your mental and physical health.

The Problem Solving tool works best for problems within your control that you can directly influence. For example, it can help with employment stress, living conditions, finances and relationships.

The tool gives you a structured approach for working through problems (whether big or small) to help you successfully tackle them one step at a time. Taking a structured approach to analyse the problem and think of different solutions sets you up to put the best solution into action. This can make you feel less stressed and more in control.

All High Res tools follow the SMART approach (Self-Management and Resilience Training), which is an ADF program for enhancing stress management skills and improving resilience.

ADF members use SMART throughout their career, from recruit training to pre-deployment (BattleSMART), and as part of the transition to civilian process (LifeSMART).

These resilience skills are extremely important to draw on and the Problem Solving tool is just one of a suite of tools we have available.

For more information, see Self-help tools