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Stepping Out is one of our most popular workshops, designed specifically for ADF personnel transitioning to civilian life.

We know that transitioning from full-time military service to civilian life can present some unique challenges for even the most accomplished person, including:

  • finding a new job outside defence
  • adapting to civilian employment
  • integrating into a new community
  • navigating a different medical system
  • finding appropriate housing
  • enrolling kids in a new school
  • establishing a different family dynamic
  • creating a new social network

Stepping Out workshops are designed to help transitioning members plan their successful transition alongside other transitioning members and their families.

We've created a video, with the help of three of our peer advisors, that explores some of the common challenges faced by transitioning members and how Open Arms can help.

In the video, Tom (Navy), Tim (Army) and Toni (Air Force) tell their stories and offer some great tips for getting through the transition process, including recommending attending a Stepping Out workshop to help with personal, work and family issues.

These workshops are open to ADF members and their partners who are about to or have recently transitioned (up to 12-months post discharge) to civilian life.

The free workshops, run by specialised trainers, help people to:

  • handle change
  • plan ahead
  • stay motivated
  • manage expectations
  • maintain relationships
  • seek support

The two-day sessions are endorsed by the ADF and members attending the program will be considered ‘on duty at another location’. Receive the knowledge, skills and resources you need to help you in the next phase of your life.

View available Stepping Out sessions or find out more, by calling us 24/7 on 1800 011 046.

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