Development of a Moral Injury Scale

Open Arms is sponsoring a research project aimed at developing a scale to assess moral injury in veterans.

About the project

This project is being conducted in partnerships with Defence, Phoenix Australia and collaborators in Australia (University of New South Wales), United States (Boston University), United Kingdom (Royal College of Psychiatrists) and Canada (Western University, Ontario).

There is a growing body of research showing that when a person does things that go against their deeply held moral or ethical beliefs, a result can be the development of trauma-like symptoms. This trauma reaction is different in some ways to what typically occurs in posttraumatic stress disorder (which is often a response to experiences of life threat, danger or fear).

Once developed, this assessment scale could be used by Open Arms and ADF as part of assessment and treatment of military trauma-related mental health issues.


For further information please email or call 1800 290 618.