About veterans and their families

Veterans and their families face unique experiences during a military career, and in transitioning to civilian life. Military life can involve significant challenges, not least the exposure to life and death situations. For many veterans, military service and operational deployment can also lead to a strong sense of identity and belonging.

For clinicians working with veterans, demonstrating an understanding of the military experience can greatly enhance the therapeutic alliance and the delivery of effective treatment. 

  • Resilient family

    Understanding the veteran experience

    Ex-serving ADF personnel are different from your other patients. Understanding the veteran experience will make it easier for you to connect.
  • Navy family

    Veterans’ families

    Military life has unique stressors such as moving towns, deployments and exposure to stressful and dangerous situations.
  • orientation guide

    ADF orientation guide

    Open Arms orientation package for the provision of services to current serving ADF members and their families.

  • ranks

    Military ranks

    An overview of military ranks and roles in the Navy, Army and Air force

  • ADF terms 2

    ADF common terms

    Slang terms you may hear during counselling sessions. They are commonly used by members and veterans of the ADF and some terms may be considered offensive in civilian life.