DVA and defence member services

Providers can refer clients to a range of veteran and defence-specific services, resources and rehabilitation assistance. 

Summary of DVA services & support

The DVA website has a list of veteran-specific services and support

Anyone who has served in the ADF can access a comprehensive one-off Veteran Health Check, any time after transition. A Medicare rebate is available and the member doesn't need to be a DVA client to access that check.

An annual Veteran Health Check is also available for those who transitioned from the military after 30 June 2019. DVA fully-funds an Annual Veteran Health Check every year for the first five years after transition. A DVA Veteran card is needed to access the annual check.

Defence member services

Defence members who wish to access mental health services via Defence should make an appointment to see their medical officer. Defence members can also access Open Arms – Veterans & Families Counselling to access a mental health service provider (psychologist, or social worker). Eligible Defence members can also self-refer to Open Arms. It is important that Defence medical officers are aware that serving members are accessing services from Open Arms.

All hours support line

Serving ADF members can contact a Defence-specific counselling service via the All-hours Support Line 1800 628 036. The All-hours Support Line (ASL) is a confidential telephone service for ADF members and their families that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Defence Member and Family Support (DMFS)

Defence family members can also call the Defence Member and Family Support Helpline on 1800 624 608, for a range of supports and programs for families and children of Defence members. Visit the Defence Member and Family Support website for more information. Formerly known as the Defence Community Organisation (DCO).

Provider support

If you are a health provider seeking support, contact the:

  • DVA provider line on 1800 550 457 for assistance on service offerings, or
  • Centenary of Anzac Centre on 1800 838 777 for free case guidance & support (Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm (AEST))

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