Mrs Anne Pahl

Contemporary Veteran and Peacekeeper

Position: member

NAC start date: 2016

Mrs Anne Pahl was a member of the Prime Minister's Advisory Council from 2008 – 2013. She is committed to the Serving and Ex-Serving Australian Defence Force members on matters of Veterans' Affairs. 

Mrs Pahl was a member and representative on many boards and forums, such as:

  • National Representative RSL
  • DVA Consultative Forum - Young Veterans and Contemporary Needs Forum
  • ADF Women Steering Review committee 
  • Victorian RSL State Executive (Sep 2003-Feb 2018)
  • Austin Health Veterans Psych Trauma Recovery Unit – Ward 17

Mrs Pahl is also chair of a number of other working parties including 

  • Veterans Affairs' Aged Care Consultative Committee 
  • Young Veterans Forum, Victoria. No longer in existence

Anne was statutory appointed to the Veterans Review Board in 2010. Serving for the 12 months in the role as Services Member for Victoria and Tasmania. In 2016, Mrs Pahl had the honour of leading the Victorian ANZAC Day March representing young veterans who have served in the ADF since 1975.

Currently Mrs Pahl is employed with the Victorian State Branch as the RSL Active Manager & Young Veterans and Defence Liaison Engagement officer. Assisting with claims of compensation, advocacy and welfare matters.  In 2019, Anne was appointed to the Council for Women and Families United by Defence Service.

Mrs Pahl has a background in the Navy. Enlisting in 1988 as a Radio Operator in the Communications Branch. Transferring to the RAN Active Reserve as a Petty Officer Radio Supervisor in 1999. Posted to sea in 1992 on HMAS Jervis Bay, Anne saw operational service in Somalia on Operation Solace – Restore Hope.

Mrs Pahl has received numerous awards, including:

  • Legacy Instructor of the Year in 1995
  • RAN Instructor of the Year 1995
  • RAN Peter Mitchell Prize
  • Chief of Navy Commendation Junior Sailor of the Year

In 2003, she was promoted to Chief Petty Officer, the rank she now holds.