Mrs Melanie Pike

Partners and Families

Position: member

NAC start date: 2016

Ms Pike is the wife of a veteran, who she described as a "completely changed man" on return from Iraq and Afghanistan in 2008. Her husband returned with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD) and major depression. They have both experienced first-hand the damaging after effects of service. 

Ms Pike is well aware of how life-altering PSTD is. How the ripple effect extends to impact the family and those close to the veteran. Living with a veteran suffering from PTSD and major depression can be challenging and at times totally overwhelming. Ms Pike believes that partners and families are often the ones left to pick up the pieces which can lead to feelings of isolation. Therefore, education and meaningful support for partners and families is key. 

Ms Pike believes policies surrounding veteran mental health issues need to be practical, fair and sensible. Designed for the veteran and the families who are suffering as the focus.  Ms Pike is committed to supporting the wellbeing of the serving and ex-service community in Tasmania. 

Ms Pike has worked at the Australia Antarctic Division since 2006 and is a member of the Partners of Veterans Association (PVA).