Ms Talissa Papamau

Contemporary veteran

Position: member

NAC start date: 2018

Talissa Papamau enlisted in to the Australian Regular Army in 2008. Talissa completed the Basic Medical Technician Course in 2010 at the Royal Australian Army Medical Corp. She was then posted to the 2nd General Health Battalion (2GHB) in Brisbane. Here she was deployed to the Army Aboriginal Community Assistance Program. She returned to the Army School of Health in 2011 to complete the Advanced Medical Technician Course.

In 2012 Talissa was posted to 3rd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment and deployed on Operation Slipper. Seeing operational service in Uruzgan Province Afghanistan. 

For her service in Afghanistan Talissa was awarded:

  • Afghanistan Campaign medal
  • Australian Active Service medal
  • International Security Armed Forces medal.

Promoted to the rank of corporal in 2013, Talissa then completed a Specialist Medical Technician course in 2014. This course was designed for medical technicians posted to Special Operations. She deployed later in 2014 to Papua New Guinea Oligator Warrior. Instructing the PNG Defence Force medics for the first since the Bougainville crisis. Talissa discharged from the Australian Army in November 2015. 

Talissa is active in the veteran health, advocacy and support community. Establishing a social media network called Modern Soldier. Modern Soldier has amassed over 27,000 followers since January 2016. Modern Soldier provides support and education resources for the younger veteran population. Focusing on mental health conditions and issues.

Some key projects associated with Modern Soldier: 

  • Online Post Traumatic Stress Education Series
  • Military Children’s Engagement Project
  • ‘The Ones Left Behind’ closed support group for military families bereaved of suicide. 

Talissa’s involvement with Modern Soldier has provided a voice for contemporary veterans. Engaging with many journalists and producers to represent contemporary veterans and military experience. Talissa has been invited to attend as a guest speaker for the Centenary Concert for RSL National. 

Talissa’s hobbies include SCUBA diving, bush walking, and camping with two dogs Shilah and Koda.