Outreach Provider Counsellor Procurement

Open Arms counselling is delivered by a national network of mental health professionals, both in Open Arms centres across the country and by partnerships with private psychologists and social workers (Outreach Program Counsellors - OPCs). This arrangement ensures that Open Arms is able to meet a growth in demand for services, whilst also improving service accessibility.

To ensure Open Arms’ engagement of OPCs is meeting best practice procurement guidelines and complying with the Commonwealth Procurement Rules, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) will be engaging OPCs through an updated procurement process. This new process will involve establishing a panel of OPCs through a Request for Tender (RFT) process.

Providers wanting to be considered for appointment to the panel can access the RFT on AusTender.

For some providers, the process of submitting a tender in response to an RFT may be an unfamiliar experience. As a result, we have taken steps to make the RFT process as straightforward as possible. We are confident that suitably qualified providers will find the process simple and, if appointed to the panel, will be able to help deliver OPC services through Open Arms into the future.

For those who have not accessed AusTender before, you may wish to access the Getting Started with AusTender help guide. 

The wellbeing of the veteran community is Open Arms’ priority. Existing clients can be assured that every possible step is being taken to minimise potential impacts to their care. It is our intention that Open Arms’ engagement with OPCs will be improved as a result of this new process.

If suitably qualified providers, including current OPCs, wish to be considered for the delivery of services from 1 July 2024 onwards, they must lodge a tender in response to the RFT by 2pm ACT local time on 5 February 2024.

For more information on the RFT process please visit AusTender or email the Contact Officer for the RFT (contactofficer.openarms@maddocks.com.au).