Peers encourage others to seek support during times of reflection

Anzac Day holds a significant place in the hearts of veterans, but as time goes by, the meaning of the day evolves.

Our Lived Experience and Community Peers share their own military and mental health experiences to support veterans and their families. 

  • Rob Goulden in uniform

    Rob's story

    Peer Rob, who was a Lance Corporal with 7RAR and deployed to Iraq in 2008, explains that while he feels proud to have served, the day has become an

  • Sean Hewitt

    Sean's story

    Peer Sean joined the Army in 1995, he worked in Catering Corp and Psychology Corp, and deployed on three operations in East Timor, Sol

  • Kyle Moyle during service as cavalry crewman

    Kyle's story

    Peer Kyle, a former cavalry crewman, veteran and now Community and Peer Advisor with Open Arms, shares his experiences and encourages other veterans to seek help for their mental health challenges.