Bradley Gibb

“After my initial training I joined HMAS Arunta. Whilst serving in Arunta I deployed to the Middle East Area of Operations (MEAO) for Operations Catalyst and Slipper and returned to the MEAO 11 years later for Operation Manitou, whilst serving in HMAS Ballarat,” explains Bradley.

Bradley and his wife Jackie have three children and currently live in Baldivis in Western Australia. When talking about highlights and challenges he refers to ‘our ADF career’. “I say our as it has been my wife Jackie who has kept our family stable throughout our time as an ADF family. Of my 14 years in the Navy, I spent 10 of those years being posted to ships, so I was coming and going a lot,” said Bradley.

“Each time Jackie helped me settle back in at home and re-engage with the kids. With her help we adjusted as a family to build resilience and always move forward.”

Bradley applied this proactive and positive attitude towards his transition and worked with his transition coach to understand what he was qualified to do and initially pursued a safety role in the mining industry.

While applying for safety jobs Bradley also applied for a role with Open Arms — a role he thought he wasn’t qualified for. After an interview he found out he was successful.


photo of brad

“I love my new career. It has given me an opportunity to be my true self and help veterans in need of support. Through my lived experience in the military and my own mental health battles, I can help guide people to the right resources for their journey to wellness, or transition to civilian life,’ he explains.”

Bradley’s advice for those transitioning is to be positive in moving forward: “Employers love military personnel. We are well trained and have a ‘get it done safely’ mentality. If however you feel that you are spending too much time dwelling in the past, talking to someone may help.”

Open Arms is available to all serving members, veterans and their families. Call them any time on 1800 011 046. Thank you for your service Bradley.