Reflections of the Australian War Memorial

Some of our peer advisors reflect on exhibitions from the Australian War Memorial that hold significance for them.

  • Craig connects with his service and mates

    I was interested in the video exhibit Operation Slipper in Afghanistan. My second Afghanistan deployment was 2010, which had the highest Australian casualty rate since Vietnam.
  • Kate shares her father's story

    I saw a 6ft photograph of my father as a medic treating a young Vietnamese girl. This changed how I saw my father, it changed our relationship and it changed me.
  • Rob reflects on his journey with gratitude

    The area of the Australian War Memorial that was significant to me was the Afghanistan area. No matter what size or shape we are, or what injuries we might have, everyone has the same boots in the Army.
  • Thomas shares memories with his family

    The Bridge and 5 inch Gun Mount of HMAS Brisbane that I served on was really significant to me. It gave life to the stories I told my children and this was the first time I shared it with them.