Physical reactions in our bodies influence the way we perform and respond to situations. When we are stressed, adrenaline is released, muscles tense, breathing speeds up and heart rate increases, sometimes without us even realising.

If you become more aware of your physical reactions to challenging situations, you can test whether your reactions are reasonable in the circumstances and use these tools for learning how to adjust them if needed.

  • 1 minute

    Controlled breathing

    This tool will assist you to slow your breathing rate and manage physical reactions to stressful or difficult situations. 

  • 2 minutes

    Guided grounding

    The guided grounding tool will help you focus on your surroundings and the present moment.
  • Relax
    10 minutes

    Progressive muscle relaxation

    This tool will guide you through an effective way to release the tension in your body.

  • 5-10 minutes


    This tool can help release stress by letting you target particular areas of your body where you feel tension.

  • 1-5 minutes

    Quick grounding

    This tool will help develop greater awareness of what’s going on in your body and around you. This can help stop unhelpful thoughts and feelings.