Thinking in an unhelpful or unrealistic way can make a challenging situation harder to cope with. It can also make it difficult to concentrate or work through problems.

If you become more aware of your thoughts, you can then test whether they are reasonable in the circumstances. You can use these tools for learning how to adjust your reactions if needed.

  • Thought stopping
    5-10 minutes

    Stop and swap thoughts

    If a negative or unhelpful thought is causing you distress, try this simple exercise to stop and swap your thoughts.

  • Challenge
    15-20 minutes

    Challenge your thoughts

    This tool will help you examine your thoughts and start thinking in more helpful and productive ways.

  • Reassessing
    15-20 minutes

    Reassess your thoughts

    This tool helps you reassess negative or distressing thoughts to find a more helpful way of thinking.

  • Problem solving
    15-20 minutes

    Problem solving

    This tool gives you a structured approach for working through problems (big or small) to help you successfully tackle them one step at a time.

  • quotation_marks
    3 - 5 minutes

    Inspiring quotes

    This tool shares some inspirational ways of thinking that may help shift your thoughts.

  • magnifying_glass
    3 - 5 minutes

    Change Perspective

    This tool provides a range of viewpoints that may help you change perspective on the current situation.