When stressed or facing challenging situations, it can be common to change our behaviours. How we look after ourselves physically and planning what we do with our time, can have a big impact on managing stress.

If you become more aware of changes in your behaviour when faced with challenging situations, you can then test whether it is reasonable in the circumstances. You can use these tools for learning how to adjust your reactions if needed.

  • Reward
    5-10 minutes

    Enjoyable and rewarding activities

    This tool gives you ideas for enjoyable and rewarding activities you can do to boost your mood and balance the impact of stress.

  • Social
    5-10 minutes

    Social connections

    This tool will help you to reflect on and strengthen your social connections. Staying connected with others makes it easier to build resilience and cope better with life's challenges.

  • Activities
    5-10 minutes

    Physical activities

    This is a useful planning tool that will help you commit to staying active. Having an active lifestyle is not only good for your physical fitness, it's also important for your wellbeing & ability to manage stress.

  • Sleep
    3 minutes

    Healthy sleeping

    Problems seem bigger and harder to deal with when you’re tired, so getting a good night’s sleep is essential for helping to overcome any challenges you’re facing.