Emotions can help prompt you to take action, but when overwhelming, they can become unhelpful and get in the way of achieving good outcomes.

If you become more aware of your emotions in challenging situations, you can then test whether they are reasonable in the circumstances. You can use these tools for learning how to adjust your reactions if needed.

  • 15-20 minutes

    Managing emotions

    This tool will help you manage your emotions so you can stay focused and in control. 

  • Anger tool
    10-15 minutes

    Defusing anger

    This tool will help you select strategies to better control your anger so you can stay focused and make the best decisions in difficult situations.

  • Distraction
    5-10 minutes


    This tool will offer you different ideas for distracting yourself to provide a temporary break from overwhelming emotions and thoughts.

  • Calm
    3 minutes

    Being calm

    Developing an attitude of calm and learning to adopt a calm attitude to life can be very helpful for stress management.