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Physical reaction tools to relax and gain control

Simple relaxation techniques include controlled breathing, progressive muscle relaxation and meditative strategies to help manage your physical reactions. Use these tools in the order shown for the most benefit.

  • 1 minute

    Controlled breathing

    This tool will assist you to slow your breathing rate and manage physical reactions to stressful or difficult situations.

  • 2 minutes

    Guided grounding

    The guided grounding tool will help you focus on your surroundings and the present moment.

  • Relax
    10 minutes

    Progressive muscle relaxation

    This tool will guide you through an effective way to release the tension in your body.

  • 5-10 minutes


    This tool can help release stress by letting you target particular areas of your body where you feel tension.

  • 1-5 minutes

    Quick grounding

    This tool will help develop greater awareness of what’s going on in your body and around you. This can help stop unhelpful thoughts and feelings.


Combat any negative self-talk. These tools will help get you out of your head and thinking clearly.

  • Thought stopping
    5-10 minutes

    Stop and swap thoughts

    If a negative or unhelpful thought is causing you distress, try this simple exercise to stop and swap your thoughts.

  • Challenge
    15-20 mins

    Challenge your thoughts

    This tool will help you examine your thoughts and start thinking in more helpful and productive ways.

  • Reassessing
    15-20 minutes

    Reassess your thoughts

    This tool helps you reassess negative or distressing thoughts to find a more helpful way of thinking.

  • Problem solving
    15-20 minutes

    Problem solving

    This tool gives you a structured approach for working through problems (big or small) to help you successfully tackle them one step at a time.

  • quotation_marks
    3 - 5 minutes

    Inspirng quotes

    This tool shares some inspirational ways of thinking that may help shift your thoughts

  • magnifying_glass
    3 - 5 minutes

    Change perspective

    This tool provides a range of viewpoints that may help you change perspective on the current situation.


Tools to assist in managing challenging emotions:

  • 15-20 minutes

    Managing emotions

    This tool will help you manage your emotions so you can stay focused and in control.

  • Anger tool
    10-15 minutes

    Defusing anger

    This tool will help you select strategies to better control your anger so you can stay focused and make the best decisions in difficult situations.

  • Distraction
    5-10 minutes


    This tool will offer you different ideas for distracting yourself to provide a temporary break from overwhelming emotions and thoughts.

  • Calm
    3 minutes

    Being calm

    Developing an attitude of calm and learning to adopt a calm attitude to life can be very helpful for stress management.


Engaging in fun and rewarding activities, and keeping socially connected can be of great benefit, particularly when we we are feeling physically agitated and tense.

  • Reward
    5-10 minutes

    Enjoyable and rewarding activities

    This tool gives you ideas for enjoyable and rewarding activities you can do to boost your mood and balance the impact of stress.

  • Social
    5-10 minutes

    Social connections

    This tool will help you to reflect on and strengthen your social connections. Staying connected with others makes it easier to build resilience and cope better with life's challenges.

  • Activities
    5-10 minutes

    Physical activities

    This is a useful planning tool that will help you commit to staying active. Having an active lifestyle is not only good for your physical fitness, it's also important for your wellbeing and ability to manage stress.

  • Sleep
    3 minutes

    Healthy sleeping

    Problems seem bigger and harder to deal with when you’re tired, so getting a good night’s sleep is essential for helping to overcome any challenges you’re facing.